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Photo credit: Freia Turland
Jon Monie as Mr Memory in The 39 Steps, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne
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Jon Monie Joins The Army (ITV)

Jon Monie



"A first-rate comic" The Stage


"Jon Monie is outstanding... has the audience eating out of his hand" WhatsOnStage


"A rubber faced comic genius" Venue Magazine

"As Grimaldi, Jon Monie gives a genuine powerhouse performance which belies his customary persona from Theatre Royal panto-land. From the moment he bursts onto stage, he is (as one would expect) fully adroit with the comedy routines, but the revelation is in his frequent moments of pathos, vulnerability, rage and decline, showing utter believability and commitment to all aspects of this complex character" Bath Echo


“You’d have to go a long way to find someone who plays the comedy roles as well as Jon Monie... a top comic in his own right" Bristol Post

"In Monie's hands, the jokes are the gifts that keep on giving; genuinely, hilariously, properly funny... Monie's script is bang on the money"

The Bath Magazine

"One of the most accomplished comedians on the panto circuit"

Theatre Bath


"Flawless comic timing" Wiltshire Gazette & Herald


“A consummate performance by a master of timing who never over-eggs a joke or one-liner” Stagetalk Magazine


"Astonishing versatility, timing and energy" Eastbourne Herald


"One of the best panto funnymen in the business. Here is someone who is just so at home in this oh-so-silly environment, quipping with the audience, embracing the set pieces with genuine affection and with the ability to draw laughs with the slightest rise of his eyebrows" Listomania


"Jon Monie makes an unbeatable Dandini and steals the show"

Bath Chronicle


"A special mention must go to Jon Monie, who bore more than a passing resemblance to the late comic genius Leonard Rossiter" Wiltshire Times


"Jon Monie, a Bath fixture for many years, is an absolute delight. Having learned his trade alongside the late, great Bath dame Chris Harris, he is now without a doubt the heart of the whole pantomime. Chris Harris told me years ago that Jon Monie was going to be a panto star and this is certainly the case. His material is original and well-delivered; he looks funny – always an asset in panto – and knows his audience inside out"

Sardines Magazine


"Jon Monie is the master... with his trademark heart-breaking combination of warmth, wit and pathos" Bristol 247


"Jon Monie's script manages the rare feat of being genuinely funny, including jokes for all ages with perfect timing. I can't remember ever seeing a funnier panto, nor a warmer, happier feel from an entire audience"

The Fine Times Recorder


"Impeccable timing" The Sussex Newspaper


"The most pleasing comic performance comes from Jon Monie. With more than a passing resemblance to Buster Keaton, he presents a clown with genuine pathos" Bristol Evening Post


"Jon Monie warrants the biggest cheer... effortless rapport with the audience" Stagetalk Magazine


“Steals the spotlight... super-fast, quickfire asides and utterly charming personality” The Bath Magazine


"Hilarious... the highlight of the panto" Globalmouse Travels


"Jon Monie's deadpan delivery is one of the evening's many pleasures... the show gets a lift whenever he appears" WhatsOnStage


"Exceptional stage presence, quick wit and winning personality" Children's Theatre Magazine


"Jon Monie and Chris Harris simply stole the show. Their repartee and on-stage camaraderie made the show whizz past" Bath Chronicle


"A first-rate panto star... superb comic timing... I have never seen my wife and children laugh so much at a panto and largely this was down to Mr Monie” The Bath and Wiltshire Parent


"Jon Monie as Idle Jack, a Buster Keaton look-a-like whose very presence makes you smile, is ideal" Bristol Evening Post


"The multi-talented Jon Monie is a wonderful clown"

Wiltshire Gazette & Herald


"Written by the ever-brilliant Jon Monie, the script is a heady balance of naughty innuendo, daft fun and moments of deep emotion... which once again proves him to be an absolute expert in this field" Bath Echo


"Fulsome hurrahs to Jon Monie, a genial, elastic-faced modern clown with a cracking line in gags (scripted or otherwise)" Venue Magazine


"A force to be reckoned with... simply priceless" Swindon Advertiser


"Hilariously appealing as ever, delivering topical lines and fresh routines with his signature self-deprecating charm, and returning to old favourites with perfect timing" The Fine Times Recorder


"Jon Monie is many people's favourite. He just has that happy knack of making you laugh as soon as you see him" Bath Chronicle


"Monie's script shows what can be achieved with care and imagination in breathing fresh life into these traditional and well-known stories ★★★★★" Pocket Sized Theatre


"If there was one true star, it has to be Jon Monie who has that rare quality to make panto look so effortless despite the huge work that goes into the performance... original, topical and genuinely funny" Somerset Live


"Superb comic timing and interaction with a lively audience" 

Bristol Evening Post


"The truly sublime Jon Monie... priceless comic moments" Venue Magazine


"Jon Monie, a lively and likeable Wishee Washee... strong on audience participation" The Stage


Jon Monie looks so at home on the TRB stage that he gives the impression that he’s been hibernating behind the scenes all year. His boundless energy; large, expressive chameleon-like eyes; physical clowning and sing-a-long bossiness tick all the pantomime boxes in a chunky permanent marker pen" The Bath Magazine


"The real star of the show was Wishee Washee played by Jon Monie who was a natural for the part, with his obvious ability and boundless energy as the perfect foil for many of the gags and asides of the other actors whilst bringing his own personality to the fore every time he was on stage" 

BBC Wiltshire online


"A hilarious funny man... and boy, does he know how to work an audience" Bath Chronicle


"Much loved actor and entertainer Jon Monie should win awards" Guide2Bath


"Jon Monie is the consummate panto pro. With possibly the jiggliest eyes in the business – with an ability to make them appear attached to their sockets by nervous springs – he has, more importantly the skill to be able to sell a lame gag like few other performers. His technique is no sooner to offer a gag for sale to an unconvinced audience than to immediately take it off the counter with a, ‘’Huh, see if I care, take it or leave it’, nonchalance. It is the magic of turning base material into gold. The knack of forming an instant bond with the audience, especially first timers, is a hard won technique that comes from experience and a love of the pantomime form which he understands in all its absurdity"

Stagetalk Magazine


"Mr Monie has written a script that breathes new life into an old story... and boy does it fizz" Wiltshire Times


"Jon Monie is once again the star of the show, showing his versatility as an actor, comedian and even a dancer" Gloucestershire Gazette


"The excellent Jon Monie... who holds the show together with endless energy and comic precision" Bath Echo


"Commanding presence" The Reviews Hub


"Jon Monie, firing on all cylinders, is the real engine of the evening. Showing off perfect comic timing... he got the biggest cheers of the night" Swindon Advertiser

"Monie is immensely talented and versatile... bringing this age-old story bang up to date. There was so much laughter from the audience it was hard to hear at times" Bath Chronicle



"Avent and Monie are pros at the back and forth, constantly on the same page, setting each other up perfectly and executing punchlines expertly. This is my favourite sketch show in Edinburgh so far, showing innovative comedy and clever mechanisms which are a joy to sit and watch... truly satisfying belly laughs" Broadway Baby (4 Stars)


"Avent and Monie are perfect foils for each other. They do tightly scripted material well, but equally can fall happily into improvisation... two highly capable and charismatic performers" Edinburgh Fringe Review


"These guys know what 'funny' is" Jon Plowman, BBC


"A rapid-fire comedy banquet... It would be a surprise if this was not the loudest, longest laughter the venue has ever heard in one night... they raised the roof" Bath Chronicle

Avent & Monie

Wishee Washee in Aladdin

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